Getting Help

Despite our best efforts to protect ourselves, sometimes online violations occur.  Once you have been the victim of an online crime or violation how do you get the help you need?  This page is designed to be your guide in finding support.   This page has been structured into two sections: Country Legal Frameworks, International agreements, and Enforcement – here you can search for your country in Africa and discover what the online laws are, what international agreements your country is part of, what enforcement agencies are in place, and how to report a crime; Social Media Platform Support – in many instances online violations occur on commonly used social media platforms. Here you will find the code of conduct for each platform and how to report violations.

Country Legal Frameworks

Search for any country in Africa and learn what laws have been put in place and how the enforcement process functions.

Platform Reporting

Search the rules and how to report violations on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok, Whatsapp, Youtube and X/Twitter.