The Africa Online Safety Platform

Resources, research and funding
for a safer internet in Africa

The Africa Online Safety (AOS) Platform provides a rich repository of research, education content, funding opportunities and ways to seek help if an online crime has occurred. This site is intended to address the complexity of understanding what online safety issues are affecting different parts of Africa, how to keep yourself and young people safe online, how to teach online safety formally in schools and at home, funding opportunities for safety innovators, and how to get help if a crime or other violation has occurred.

Explore African online safety research, education materials, funding and help

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Gain access to an extensive database of research content from academic studies, journal articles, news reports and books exclusively focused on African online safety.

Educational Resources

Browse some of the best education resources publicly available to stay safe online. These resources have been structured for various users: teachers, parents, and students to find the subjects and tools they want focused on their specific targeted audiences.

Getting Help

Have you suffered an online crime or experienced a particular platform violation? This section documents how to get help in your specific Africa country or most used social media platforms and other digital spaces.


Learn about funding opportunities for online safety initiatives and our Africa Online Safety Fund (AOSF), which provides grant funding to organisations implementing innovative solutions to Africa’s online safety challenges.  The AOSF has an annual call for applications, with the next call launching in June 2024.  Explore more about the AOSF and its current awardees.